Thursday, March 22, 2007

Too tired..........

To blog or do anything else...except catch some Z's real soon.

However imagine my surprise when I watched Keith Olbermann's show ( inside the command center they have a streaming video player on some of the computers....this from the USAF-go figure) and I was shocked to see that CNATRA (The Naval Air Training Command) beat out Sean Hannity for the honor of worst person in the world.

Check it out here.

Poor Keith. I'm a fan, but its clear that he does not realize that this was the easiest way for the Navy to put her someplace, nearby to Houston, while she plans her legal defense. She won't be doing much besides trying to keep a low profile.

Nonetheless-seeing CNATRA win "worst person in the world" has to warm some struggling Naval Aviator's heart. Somewhere.

And as a plus side, there is a new single woman in Corpus Christi........any takers?

I'm out. Good Night and Good Luck!


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