Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What was the number........

Of that truck driving school again? Today was not so bad as yesterday, but I got careless and made a mistake. I caught it later, but that's not the point. One is supposed to have better command of the issues not to do that. I take it as a sign my fun meter is pegged. Oh well, the world needs ditch diggers too!

I don't see how some of these guys here do it. They literally are in the building from dawn till late every day. And since they live here, they do some of these exercises again and again. I'm beginning to appreciate how nice it was to be on the wild end of the whip instead of observing the handle that cracks it. Sigh.

Three more days here.......then gone. Hopefully not back for a good while. Some people thrive on this type of stuff, I don't. Makes me realize how much better I was at my old job. At least there I felt like I was making a difference for somebody.

Enough whining.

And if I needed more good news to cheer me up, I didn't exactly like watching the news that Tony Snow has cancer. He's only 51. That's not very reassuring if you ask me.............

Congress votes to keep withdrawal language in a bill that will not pass the Senate. Sure the move to remove it went down in flames, but that's just a feel good move-when the rubber meets the road the Senators will fold like a cheap suit. Leaving nothing accomplished after 4 months. Now part of me likes the idea of giving the President a good legislative whack across the side of the head. However the other part of me knows that the military needs the money-to get through the rest of the year.

If you want an eye opener some time, about how dysfunctional American government is, go here, and download the whole supplemental bill. It's chock full of little goodies to fight the war on terror. Like a few of these items:

-8,469,000 for DEA salaries. How is that supporting the troops?

-17,000,000 for the Federal Prison system?

-The now infamous farm subsidies.

-461,000,000 for aircraft procurement. Does that not belong in the annual appropriation?

-Money for BRAC?

-258,000 for the International Commission on Religious Freedom?

-And my personal favorite:"For payment to Gloria Norwood, widow of Charles W. Norwood Jr, late Representative from Georgia"-162,000 dollars?

How do I get in on this?

What this highlights is what a subterfuge the whole idea of the supplemental is to begin with. Yes, the troops need money to fight the war on terror. However it was pretty clear at the beginning of the year that they would still be fighting it at the end of the fiscal year. So why not include that in the DOD appropriation. And likewise, make the other departments justify their contributions to the war in their own budgets.

Because the scrutiny on the annual appropriations bill is higher-that's why. And it would show the real growth in the overall budget. This way allows the president to mask this as a one time expense "for the troops". Making the legislation hard to attack.

I wish every American could take time to actually read the bill. If you do remember that some of these amendments came from the Republican side of the aisle, just as much as some others came from the Democrats.

There ought to be a law! Oh wait, this is one...or will be soon. Sigh.

Then again, at the rate Congress is going-maybe not. One plus side, the money that will pay for my trip here in about 6 months will be in there. Not getting that would be no great loss................


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