Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why they do simulators.........

The pilot of this ANA flight to Kochi ( On Shikoku Island) , did a magnificent job bringing this Bombardier DH-8 to a full stop landing. What's so novel about that you ask? He only had 2/3 of the amount of landing gear he should have had.

The pilots of the aircraft did an outstanding job of landing the Bombardier aircraft holding the nose up until they passed below 70 knots. You can watch video of the landing here.

The aircraft suffered minimal damage and the airframes folks should have it ready to fly again in short order. EXCEPT the whole fleet of these aircraft have been grounded by ANA.

I watched a press conference at lunch time where the directors of ANA apologized to the passengers for any discomfort or inconvenience. Maybe Jet Blue should come here to learn a thing or two.


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