Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can't see straight......

I'm up early this morning. I need to be because I have all kind of things to do today. Having my suitcase stolen is a major red ass, made doubly so because the rental car agency was less than helpful as they could have been. The police told me they do not have to call anyone to see if they got the wrong bag. Seems to me they could have at least taken a glance at who rented cars during that time frame.

So now its calling my insurance company, trying list in my mind exactly what was in there, call all my banks in case there might have been a receipt in there. Figure out what I can buy in clothes until I get back to Japan so I can complete the trip.

It makes me so mad. I am convinced that someone picked up my bag thinking they were getting all of theirs. However if that were the case one would think they would have the decency to call the car company.

Fortunately all my really valuable things were in my briefcase and back pack. It is what I get for not trying to be nuisance in the line by dragging a large suitcase behind me as I snaked through the line. I kept my head on the swivel up until the time I was actually at the counter. And then when I came away from it-it was gone.

So my day is shot and its not even 7am yet.

I'm pretty pessimistic at this point. What scares me the most is maybe someone did not mean to steal it, but will be lazy enough to wait till their trip ends before they notify anyone. And by then I will be long gone.


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