Saturday, April 14, 2007

Operating undercover

Agent Skippy here-on his pursuit of his own interests service. Spending the weekend in one of my favorite locations checking out the scenery. Posting will be light today and tomorrow.

I have noted with interest the fact that Imus's firing is big news, but only overseas does it seem Paul Wolfowitz gets a lot of coverage. The Financial Times has come right out and called for his resignation.

Seems the employees at the world bank aren't real happy with him either. According to news reports he got calls of "resign resign" in an impromptu address to World Bank employees.

Which the President does not want to happen. He supports old Paul 100%. Paul ought not to take too much comfort in that though, Bush said the same thing about Wolfowitz's former boss too.

Ought to make for some interesting watching though. If anyone can find time to talk about it.

Burning daylight cowboys! Time to go.


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