Sunday, April 01, 2007

Passing of a legend..........

I'm getting caught up now. And in the process of doing so I was shocked and saddened to read about the passing of Ruth Heim. Known to all of us who passed through NAS Fallon as "Ruthie". She managed the Silver State club bar and has seen more than 2 generations of Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers pass in front of her.

A very moving tribute was published over at the Tailhook Daily Briefing. I strongly recommend it to you for your reading.

For the aviators whom she considered to be one of “Ruthie’s Boys” she was more than a bartender. The terms “social director”, “events coordinator”, “confidant” and "disciplinarian” come to mind. Aviation personnel deploying to Fallon and gathering at the O’Club Bar known throughout
Naval Aviation as “Ruthie’s Ready Room” or just plain “Ruthie's”, commonly witnessed a display all of those traits in one single evening.

She was a great lady and truly a legend for those of us who knew her.


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