Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another day in the universe......

On Raisa, galactic vacationers are getting great massages from buxom women with 13 fingers and 3 breasts.

Meanwhile on Vulcan, its hot and the Vulcans are still watching Earth for signs of intelligent life. So far they are finding none.

As for here on Earth, lots going on-very little of it good. Go here to catch up on the misery index.

In a small corner of the galaxy's most backward planet, however, things are just hunky dory-balance exists in the force. I hope it stays with us for at least the next 3 days till the S.O. and I return to Japan.

Yesterday, we were supposed to get up early, eat breakfast and try to get in 9 holes of golf before I had to be in at noon. My colleagues and I had engineered a plan-with an eye to what we knew was going to be copious amounts of alcohol served by our Australian hosts the night before-to divide up the close out work of getting data bases backed up, final reports sent out, computers packed up and "see you in Canberra" goodbyes said.

So. When the alarm goes off, the S.O. rolls over with a moan and starts ranting in Japanese about how tired she is. Fine, I tell her-we don't have to go. Roll over and go back to sleep. ( my thought was we still had time.......wrong idea there). I get up, grabs some O.J out of the fridge, watch the news. After about an hour head back to bed with an eye to see if I could persuade the S.O. to play my version of "closest to the pin".

40 minutes of off and on futile effort later. I come back to my computer and wait till I here stirrings from her direction. Golf is out. And I know when she wakes up, she will be hungry. ( Eat the stuff of the grill the Aussies shove at you next time!).

True to form, about 8:20 she stirs and the fun begins. Whats the plan Stan?

She decides that since we can't golf, this would be a good time to go (back) to the outlet mall-after breakfast of course. ( Told you!).

So off we go. Anna Miller's for a nice breakfast, then on out to the Waikele Outlet Mall. Over the course of the next hour and a half , we (read I) proceed to make some sweatshop owner in China richer. Now truth be told not all of the purchases were for her. I bought some shorts, a shirt and new pair of running shoes-something I desperately needed after some rap star wannbe absconded with my previous pair last month.

Back we come to the room, I change clothes and head to work. What she does-who knows? ( She went to the pool).

When I got back she was not in the room. Having figured out the Hawaii bus system she went off to shop some more. When she did return-she was hungry again. Truth be told so was I.

Which leads to a resteraunt recommendation: Won Kee Seafood Resteraunt in Chinatown, Honolulu. We had a hard time finding it based on the google map ( its at 100 Bretania Street) but once we did we could tell we were in a good place. Very authentic Hong Style chinese resteraunt with good food. Lots of folks eating who were speaking Cantonese-as did half the waitresses. Vegetables were very fresh, the hot and sour soup quite spicy, and all in all a great meal.

The golf we got in today. Golf tomorrow too.

Which means all is right with the universe.


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