Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Jimmy........

No real time to blog. The BS meter spiked today.........and there is still over a week to go. Gotta love the boys in light blue! (NOT!)

But I did want to make a quick point to a former President. Attacking Bush may seem the right thing to do, and God knows it sure feels good! Your message gets diminished by two really bad memories of mine:

1) Closing on a house at 15.5% interest rate-allowing my ex to f**k away our finances for the first time. ( Yes I should have learned then.........another reason not to stay married "for the kids").

2) Remembering that you were the man who gave away the Panama Canal! Tell me again , exactly what do the words "sovereignty in perpetuity" mean?

No matter how right what you may say now........I still cannot forget that. If I had one question to ask you, it would be that. "Why did you give away America's greatest engineering triumph?"

Go build a house. It was always ours and never theirs. And they never deserved to have it.

"The fact is no power on earth could have done what we did. We've done a lot of small, stupid things in the Canal Zone over the years, but we've never done anything operating the canal that we need be ashamed of."-David McCullogh


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