Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just another day.........

Dealing with "domestic tranquility".

Counseling note to the S.O. :

Its called make-up / gratitude sex. Its good for you, I know it would be good for me. (Help me recover and produce a positive mental state-all that) It stops being about you when I buy you all of the stupid stuff you want, at which point it becomes all about me and receiving my well deserved reward for a job well done. Simple concept, easy to understand. For the life of me I really can't understand why you women have such a problem remembering it.

Cough it up, and things are fine. You get just about everything you want, within reason. Life is pleasant. Don't render forth and I can be just as sullen and withdrawn as anything you can do. If I have to I can ignore you for a lot longer than you can ignore me. I pay the bills.

Going without is not on the menu. Warkimasu ka? I'm a patient man, but there are limits. There will be a test on this. Try to get the answers right-its important.

Jack: I'm trying to get you laid, I'd appreciate a little help!


Yesterday was the Blue Sky Citizen's Matsuri(青空市民祭り) here. I stayed home to enjoy the solitude and the TV. S.O. went off into town with friends. About an hour and a half into it the phone rings. They are having a "Kimono walk" and she was going to try on a Kimono with her friends. Could I come on up and bring the camera?

Well you could have knocked me over. She hates wearing a Kimono-even though she looks absolutely beautiful in one. Can't say as I blame her, from what I understand just "suiting up" in one is a real chore. I've only seen her in a Kimono once, despite my entreaties to get a professional picture of her in one made at a studio. So I have to take advantage of the opportunity. Saddle up with the camera and the hair pins / combs she requested and off I go.

Turns out they were having a full up Matsuri (festival) going on in the city center park. Complete with belly dancing girls:

Hawaiian dancers:

The usual School Band:

小ま茶Omacha (Traditional Japanese Green Tea):

And of course, the Kimono:

Doesn't she look great?

All good things come to an end, and unless we wanted to buy this particular kimono we had to get back to the store:

"Normal" clothes on again, while I waited-admiring the girls walking by, we decided that some lunch was in order. Over lunch, almost as a throwaway line, S.O. mentions that she wants to "just look" at the recycle / antique store up on the shotengai which is up the hill from the train station. That was not quite on my agenda.

"Oh and lets look at the jewellery store along the way!"

Damn. This can lead no where good.

Sure enough, as a result of that expedition, I end up having to go back-get the car-and take this home:

Like I really needed to buy this!

Not shown: a set of pearl earrings from the other store. Now I will admit, that both items were good prices and the S.O. excels at driving merchants down to their rock bottom price. But really, what the hell are we going to do with either item?

See note 1) above.


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