Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial day

I had wanted to post about Memorial Day today, but it became overtaken by events. For one thing, believe it or not, I had to work today. Then the S.O. and I went out to drive around to see things on the island. Finally the Aussies we were working with decided to throw a party tonight. So my thoughts will have to wait.

I would like to not forget what this day is about though. I'm not so sure that saying Happy Memorial Day is the right thing to say. Remember, now and always......seems like a better greeting.

So I leave you now with a picture of the submarine memorial at Pearl Harbor. 54 submarines were lost in WWII. Young men, probably under the water, sweating-all scared, when suddenly there world exploded and sea water came crushing in on them. They were all volunteers. Seems symbolic of the sacrifices that are being made by serving servicemen today.

More tomorrow:

Update: A sharp reader pointed out to me that the correct number of submarines lost was 52 not 54. I was going from memory what I thought I read off of the plaque. If you come to Pearl Harbor, its an interesting amount of time spent looking at the plaques-1 for each boat lost, plus names for other submarine casualties from boats that returned to fight another day. I am fascinated by submarines, so I found it interesting.


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