Saturday, May 05, 2007

No fury like.......

A woman who thinks she is being screwed out of what she is "entitled" to.......

A reader sent me this link to a column by Debi about the continuing outrage that passes for a law-The USFSPA, also known as the Pat Schoeder screw serving service personnel act-writing about the fact that if women truly were "liberated" they would not need this foul piece of so called legislation.

Far more enlightened than most women, she opines:

Point blank, they feel betrayed and dishonored as military retirees by the very government that should just as boldly support and defend them where their own hard-earned retirement benefits are concerned.

Personally, I don’t understand how any man can willfully take the retirement of a woman without feeling like a real schmuck, nor do I support ex-wives who greedily take retirement shares from their husbands in divorce. I’m speaking here as one who did not.

Women who make productive use of their years as military wives don’t feel the need nor possess any inclination to take what belongs exclusively to a man’s career.

That sums it up nicely.

What is interesting is the responses she gets from legions of money grubbing whores ex-spouses who don't quite see it her way. "Getting mine" seems really upset:

Because you're an idiot the rest of us should be too? You didn’t take your share of the retirement you had coming that's your problem. The rest of us are getting every dollar we deserve for the hell these men put us through as military wives and guess what we laugh all the way to the bank because we still get it after we remarry someone who treats us decent. I can’t imagine how you have any female friends with how disloyal you are to your own sex.

Yea bitch.

Please go kiss the front end of a bus moving 50 mph.

Even if this were about equity-and its not- the law is very flawed and it screws not just men, but ever increasing numbers of women. As "the Donald" found out a couple of years ago.

Which is why, its so important that the Supreme Court agree to hear this case and strike the law down. Personally I doubt it will happen-but hey, once can always dream can't they?

But I'm not bitter or anything. H/T to the reader who sent me this. It got my rage factor up this morning-thanks.

For all you alimony collectors out there!


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