Thursday, May 17, 2007

Objection your honor!

Like a lot of people I have my browser set up so that I get a news summary called up when I open Internet Explorer. That way when I am stumbling to my computer desk, not quite awake yet, fresh from making the coffee, I can scan the days headlines.

So after a couple sips of java, I just had to shake my head in disgust when I read this headline:

US Senate to vote on end to funding for war in Iraq.

The same level of sheer disbelief I had when I read about this little blunder by Ms Pelosi.

Every time I read something like this, I think about a scene from the movie, "A Few Good Men". During the trial , LTJG Kafee (Tom Cruise) objects to something that happens. The judge overrules him. Then a few minutes later Demi Moore's character, JO, renews the objection-again and again. The response remains the same:

"Counselor, your objection is noted. It remains overruled".

Or something along those lines.

After the court adjourns LT Weinberg decides its time to teach the good (looking) LCDR a thing or two:

Lt.Weinberg: "I strenuously object?" "Is that how it works? Hm?" "Objection." "Overruled." "Oh, no, no, no. No, I STRENUOUSLY object." "Oh. Well, if you strenuously object then I should take some time to reconsider."
JO: I got it on the record.

LT Weinberg: You also got it in the jury's head that we're afraid of the doctor. You object once so they can hear you say he's not a criminologist. You keep after it and it looks like this great cross we did was just a bunch of fancy lawyer tricks. It's the difference between paper law and trial--


LT Weinberg: Christ, you even had the Judge saying Stone was an expert!

LTJG KAFFEE: Sam, she made a mistake. Let's not relive it.

Nancy and Harry should maybe see the movie again. Because they are right were the defense team was in the trial of Dawson and Downey right now. In deep trouble.
In this context the jury is the American people and the Judge is the President. And no matter how many fancy lawyer tricks the good Ms Pelosi and Sen Reid pull there is still one fact they cannot escape.


So LT Weinberg's advice is quite valid for the both of them. You object and get it on the record. However to continue to beat the horse-long after he is dead-just to make your "base", losers for the most part, feel good- is just plain stupid.

And the American people know it. No matter how fed up they are with the war, no matter how stupid and lazy the Iraqis are, no matter how pointless this all is in the grand strategic sense of making any real difference in the make up of the middle east, the people are not going to let their Soldiers be left hanging without the resources they need to kill copious numbers of f**king Arabs. That's just the way it is.

So borrow a quote from Judge Randolph: "The objection of the defense has been
heard and overruled."

It's time to move on.

That's why I shake my head. I'm very much in opposition to the war and I join the host of wiser men than me that say, from a strategic standpoint, Iraq is costing us more than it is giving us.

However, you have to know what you can accomplish. And its time to drop the arguing , fund DOD, and then get on with putting Bush in his box.

One way to do that, as I have noted many times before is to attack not the end result, but the process.....e.g. put a note in the bill requiring the President to
put all of the war funding into the fiscal year appropriation. And that supplementals were to be an option of last resort requiring the advice and consent of Congress prior to submission as well as approval.

Still provides a problem for the President, supports the troops and requires the President to more accurately document what the war is costing the United States. An attack on the flanks that would be a lot more productive than the current frontal assault strategy that Mr Reid and Ms Pelosi seem to favor.

That's the difference between paper legislating and living where real people live.

And Nancy, real people do not live in San Francisco. They live in Fort Worth Texas, Colorado Springs, Ames Iowa, and a 1000 other towns where the majority of the populace thinks you are an idiot.

If I hear one more time from you in that pompous tone of yours about how there is a "New Congress" I'm going to have to board a plane and buy a baseball bat when I get to Washington D.C.

Its time to wake up and smell the coffee. And get something done.


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