Monday, May 14, 2007

Simple tasks-Part 1

With guilty pleasures............

Speaking of being made to feel guilty, did you call your Mom?

No blogging yesterday as my body revolted against continued consciousness about 9pm last night. I'm not sure why as : a) I did not drink any beer yesterday and b) all I really did was play golf yesterday. Regardless of the reason, I was overtaken with an undeniable urge to go horizontal last evening.

And that was it. Game over.

I ran for the first time in about 3 weeks Friday. And Saturday. Having the I-POD is definitely a plus as I am finding that with the right mix of songs I find myself not thinking so much about how much I hate running. Did about a mile and quarter each time and thanks to Neil Young my rage factor was peaking about the same time that the run did. Maybe I can increase the number of calories I burn in a day.

Golf on Sunday was nice. As I said it was the first time I had touched a club in probably six weeks. Thanks to Mr Ping and his outstanding technology I still hit my driver reasonably well. However the effect of a long layoff comes very pointedly in one's iron play and short game. It takes a while ( about 10 holes in my case) to reacquaint your body with "where the grass is". Still, I broke a 100 which, under the circumstances, can be considered nothing short of a miracle.

We finished earlier than I planned on, which meant that the S.O. was going to drag me to her little circle of recycling shops. This is a sometimes fruitful endeavor, but most times its just incredibly boring for yours truly.

Especially if they don't have any dirty Manga books tucked away in the back corner.

Recycling shops are one of the more interesting features of life in Japan. Now, when most people think of Japan, at some point, you almost always here this phrase: " Its so expensive over there." That's true, but the trick to getting by here is to look around and comparison shop. And by second hand stuff whenever you can. Thus the popularity of the recycling shops-especially for parents with small children. Or Office Ladies on a budget. The save money here so they can buy the Louis Vuitton purse and the high heeled shoes they wear so well with a tight fitting set of blue jeans. Now you know how they afford it.

However for the S.O. its all about the china. Plates, cups, bowls-like she does not own enough already-anything that strikes her fancy. Today it was ceramic hibachis and large (and I do mean large) vases. Long story short, I end up having to park the car illegally, flashers on, while I pay for and lug this incredibly heavy large vase and figure out to get it into the trunk with out rolling around and breaking. While also trying to figure out how to get our golf clubs stowed in the back seat, without crushing the groceries we bought. It took a while to figure it out-all the while looking over my shoulder hoping the parking ladies don't show up. I don't need a ticket this week............

This is why I envy Spike. No such issues there. He's doing something manly, like figuring out which new electronic toy to buy. Plus he lives close to one of my favorite places on the planet-Wanchai.

Back at home we went out to a new Chinese restaurant we have been wanting to try. Its a little off the beaten path, small, however as we discovered the food is rather good and their set meals are quite cheap. S.O. said she thought they were Taiwanese. How the hell does one know this? Whatever, it was pretty good.

Came home with the intent of finishing loading some specific movies and some more music on my I-POD. I'm trying to get it ready for my upcoming trip to Hawaii where I will spend a lot more time than I should beating my head against USAF walls and trying to figure out how to defeat their stupid firewalls and surf blogs while I am watching the stupidity unfold before me.

In a follow up post I will offer up my suggestions for summertime I-POD viewing / listening. Hint: THINK SCI FI.

Can't do politics today!-Skippy-san


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