Sunday, May 20, 2007

The weekend........

Note to self. Trying to hang in Waikiki two nights running is not a good idea.

Plus its frustrating any more. Going to any bar here is just too much work. I used to be able to chat up a girl fairly easily, now I just can't be bothered.

Call it the Wanchai effect. It ruins your reflexes-when you get to used to having the girls be the ones to come up to you. Wakiki needs a version of Neptunes. I gather that it once did have its all yuppified.

Not that there were not a lot of women out on the prowl. Its just that I'm not in the "target demographic" anymore. So aside from talking to the group out for the batchelorette party and trying to convince the bride to be that marriage is incredibly overrated, I hunkered down with the express purpose of getting drunk and watching people. Then about 1:30 in the morning stumble into a cab and head back to the other side of Oahu. You can say:

I did some prowling around Pearl Harbor this weekend. I need to find some time to get over to the USS Missouri. I can see it from a distance as I drive around. I also walked around the piers and watched the ships and submarines. The submarines in particular intrigue me. If aviation had not been so exciting I might have considered going into submarines. Except for two major drawbacks: 1) nuclear power training (way too much work!) and submarines don't get enough liberty.

That said, submarines are cool though. Even though from a distance you can't really see any thing except if the masts are raised on the sail.

The place I am staying must be a good one. All the Australians are here. We had our "get to know you" meetings today. For the first time I heard someone at one of these exercises say "Getting to know one another well at the bar" is an exercise objective. You can bet that did not come from an American! Its good to see the Australians get their priorities straight. My "friends" from the USAF could learn a lot from these guys.

I've got to get back to running. But not like these guys:

The Honolulu Triathlon was this weekend. You could see lots of bike boxes and some other unusual items at the baggage claim when I arrived on Friday. I never realized so many Japanese participated. 100 miles on a bike? Maybe. 2 Miles swimming? Not a chance. And we won't discuss the running. People forget that the runner from marathon died after completing the run. Important safety tip.

Now its time to get ready for the week. Work work work.........well maybe.

Mo-betta after some good sleep.


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