Sunday, May 06, 2007

A wonderful thing........

Technology that is.

Here it is 12:54AM on Sunday and I am awake. Combination of whacked out sleep cycle and being pissed off at the S.O. ( Like a prudent man I retreat to my computer desk and tune her out...its a better alternative than trying to discuss with her anything). She's asleep now-so I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.

Just saw SJS filing out with herd from the latest session at the MILBLOG conference. Its amazing that I can be sitting on this side of the globe and see that.

Several people had suggested I lengthen my planned US trip and go....its probably just as well I did not. A) I would not have been healthy enough to make the trip and B) between surfing porn blogs and watching the live feed, its clear I'm not exactly the conformist type person they would want in the audience. I'm aligned a few MHZ off from that particular tribe. (Even though I am qualified to be a member). Better to watch from afar-while drinking beer. The discussions are interesting though. Maybe next year. Like the black sheep of the family I can pay them a visit.

And ask them for money.

Crowd must be at lunch now-live feed stopped. I'll be in bed before the next panel starts. Which is a shame cause I'd like to watch it. Somebody take good notes please-beer is kicking in.

Oyasumi nasai!


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