Thursday, June 28, 2007

No worries mate!

That is, I think, the most used phrase Australians use.

You hear it all the time. Say, "Excuse me" and the reply is no worries.

Say I'm sorry, and it is no worries.

Say the girl at the next table has a nice ass...and the reply is the same.
(She did have a nice ass........).

Other things I have noticed here.

A) The bar is for buying drinks. Not for standing and drinking the beer watching women.

B) Australians are much more willing to push back when their boss says something contrversial. I have been in VTC's where the Wing Commmader told his boss ( politely) that he was full of you know what. That would never happen with the USAF or the USN.

C) If I were younger by about 15 years, I might consider coming here to fly. Lex \, if you are listening, they say they short about 40 Hornet pilots. And they are buying the F-18F. Just a thought.

D) Canberra is a city for families-not for single people. However I did join the Canberra Services club just down the street from my hotel. I prevailed upon an elder Australian gent to sponsor me. Good cheap beer and lots of great conversation. Talked with about 7 Australian Vietnam vets.

e) The only kangaroo has been a dead one on the side of the road. Then again I have only been out of town as far as the nature preserve. How come Kangaroos are not in the Northern Hemisphere.

F) I still can't find the southern cross. Then again, its rained so much-who would know.

Got to run. Working hours are more normal for the last part of this trip. Which means there is beer for me to drink!

Ja ne!


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