Saturday, June 02, 2007

Please tell me....

That this is not true. I cannot believe that anyone would think this is the right thing to do:

Fort Lewis, which this month has suffered its worst losses of the war, will no longer conduct individual memorial ceremonies for soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead, the post will hold one ceremony for all soldiers killed each month, the Fort Lewis acting commanding general, Brig. Gen. William Troy, wrote in a memo to commanders and staff last week.

“As much as we would like to think otherwise, I am afraid that with the number of soldiers we now have in harm’s way, our losses will preclude us from continuing to do individual memorial ceremonies,” Troy wrote in the memo, according to a copy obtained by United for Peace Pierce County and posted on the group’s Web site. A post spokesman confirmed the policy change Tuesday. It will start in June.

This has to be mistaken reporting on someones part. It can't be true, because if it is, it says something bad about ourselves. Soldiers are individuals who deserve individual recognition. The Army has time to do this-they know it. I'll bet there are more than a few pastors and others who could volunteer their time to make these things happen.

That's why I just cannot believe its true. Anybody know differently?


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