Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Qantas-3 ; Skippy-0

And I have not even boarded the flight yet. Bottom of the first and its not looking good for Team Skippy.

Arrive at Narita with my bag and a bag carrying our equipment for the this upcoming adventure in Canberra. Come up the escalator from the Narita express, quick glance at the screen-my flight to Sydney is cancelled.

Strike 1. Fast ball right down the middle.

Getting to the check in counter am told that they have re booked me-through Melbourne and I will arrive at Canberra "just a little late".

"However sir, we are restricting total baggage to just 25 kilos and that is only because you are Premium member".


Strike 2. Curve ball low and inside.

Decide its time to go offense into the merge-pointing out that my travel office never told me there was a luggage restriction, need this gear when I get there, yadda yadda yadda.

"Sir if you wish to check both items it will cost you 60,000 yen".


"Let me speak to your manager please". This shall not stand!

This goes on for about 15 minutes after which said manager appears. Bottom line, if I repack some I can take one bag on as a carry on and I only have to pay 15,000 yen.

"But you cancelled my flight".

End up with no charge.

Foul tip-against the backstop.

"However since you are jerking me around so much, perhaps you could upgrade me to Business for all my trouble?" Figure I've pushed this hard-can't hurt can it?

"Let's see all these pitches to choose. Better go with the old number one"

"Give him the heater, Ricky..........."


"You're outta here-get your ass back to economy where you belong."

Back in the dugout lounge drinking beer. Just checked the weather in Canberra. I think I should have packed a heavier jacket...........

Its going to be a long summer winter.


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