Friday, June 01, 2007


It's Friday!... Oh drat! I have to go home tomorrow.............sigh.

Today, though was a great day and a good way to end some very nice days together for me and the S.O.

No golf today. Instead we slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast and then spent the rest of the day here:

Nice day at the beach!

Took the S.O. to Bellows AFB Beach where we had a picnic of sorts. (Some beer and water and three chicken salad sandwiches. The S.O. nixed the nice bottle of wine I bought, preferring to pack it instead for home...GRRRR!!). Bellows is a nice place and while I had been by here before, today was the first day I ever spent any real time here. I may see if I can get a cabin reservation someday and come back and veg out with my books. We also took a drive aroud Kilua and took the long way home to Chinatown.

Speaking of books, I'm still mired in my Truman book. I can't get settled into it-plus the work schedule did not help last week and the S.O. schedule kept me from it this week. I've read a lot of Korean War chapters though. Now I want to go back and learn how he became the Senator from Pendergast.

So tomorrow its back to Nihon and back to getting some things in order. Lots to do and only about 10 days to do it. I was supposed to leave for Norfolk tomorrow and get some meetings done there. That plan was changed by the home office, due to changing requirements by our friends in Australia. I'm not complaining. I'm just as happy to go home with the S.O. , believe it or not. We really did have a good time together this week. If Hawaii were about 3000 miles closer to Hong Kong, Singapore , or Thailand it might have potential. For now though, it will have to sit on the second shelf.

There's lots to talk about in the news, but tonight I don't want to get started on it. When I get home, I'll write some more on the whole Iraq - Korea thing, but I don't want to devote the time tonight. Rest assured though, the knives come back next week!

I'd rather savor the memory of this week (Since Tuesday anyway..). Besides Honeymoon in Vegas is on.

Speaking of TV, I have totally geeked out now. On the way home from the beach and the restaurant ( we went back to Won Kee again for dinner-its good food!), stopped an bought a 500 GB external hard drive. It had slowly dawned on me that I was eating up my laptop's hardrive space, with all of my movies and other porn I-pod stuff I have down loaded and maybe that was not such a good idea. I sure hope the instructions given to transfer my library to the drive were right!

So now its time for one of these:

And hopefully some of this:

That's the proper way to end a vacation isn't it?

It occurs to me that this is probably the earliest I have ever returned to my room at the end of ANY of my Hawaii work trips. I must be slipping..............

See you on the other side!


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