Saturday, July 14, 2007

After you read this..........

You are never going to look at Katie Couric the same way again.

Like I need this s**t!

The other Skippy, the Canadian one-who writes better and is funnier than me-lets you know exactly what is wrong with CBS news these days:

Les Moonves made a fundamental mistake and it has blown up in his face to the tune of about $75 million over five years. He bet that he could do in news what he did in entertainment, get a perky piece of ass to drive up ratings.

That didn't work, and it didn't for one fundamental reason: women prefer getting their news from someone they either see as a potential father or sex partner. But may Jesus save anyone who tries to let boys have a little fun, too, because your wife sure as shit won't. Women will rip that Teleprompter-reading tart to fucking pieces. You should note that something like 90% of the hit articles on Katie have been written by women.

Or maybe I'm the only one who really needs to be devoured by a cougar. Who can say?

Not that it really matters. Les Moonves still gets to go home every night and fuck Julie Chen from the CBS Early Show and lavish her with gifts paid for with all of that groovy CSI: Miami and Everybody Loves Raymond money. What the fuck does he care what happens to the network's loss-leader?


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