Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry who?

Certainly not Harry the Horse.

Rather its time to talk about Mr Wizard-Harry Potter!

Now I've never been deep into the whole Harry Potter series-although I really do admire J.K. Rowling for being able to take an idea and turn it into a multi-million dollar franchise. I have read not one Harry Potter book. I bough the first one for the S.O.-in English. She plodded through about half of it and gave up as the effort to get through each chapter was time consuming for her ( just like when I try to read Japanese books-especially if they go from top bottom and right to left!)

(Somebody already created the idea for the Wanchai Chronicles-so its back to square one for me to do that..............).

I have seen 3 of the 5 movies. The third one was a little too dark for my tastes and to tell the truth-I did not see how it was a kids movie at all-parts of it are pretty scary if you ask me.

Nonetheless the speculation has been running rampant this week about how the series will end. Who morts? Who survives? Its a pretty safe bet that Voldemort is going to get what's coming to him, I think. The question is-does Harry survive the attempt?

The books were on sale in the book store next to Daei today-I was very surprised to see that they were in English and there were none already translated into Japanese! Who came up with that marketing plan?

Suffice it to say I don't think its going to end like this:

Come on Harry! Show me some magic!

Which might be just what Harry needs...........


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