Thursday, July 12, 2007

In memoriam.......

Of Lady Bird Johnson who passed away yesterday at the age of 94.

They don't make women like her any more. In fact, today's supposedly "liberated" women would look down on a woman who stood by her husband during a long career and pursued interests that complimented his. In the process she served her country quite well. As first lady she stood by her husband during a very difficult time when he was literally among the most despised men on earth.

I can remember her focus on keeping America beautiful. "Her beautification programs benefited the entire nation. She translated her love for the land and the environment into a lifetime of achievement," Betty Ford once said.

She also represents, in my minds eye, the strong "Southern Woman" which is also a dying breed. My father's mother though, who was of the same mold, would have understood Lady Bird very well. She would never have voted for her husband though, but I could picture the two of them having a civilized conversation.

May God grant her rest and peace. America is a better nation for her presence.


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