Monday, July 23, 2007

Just when you thought it could not get any worse........

The Democrats go and show you again that they are their own worst enemy.

You probably don't know this, but when George Bush says his prayers at night, he probably thanks God for the fact that, if the Democrats have to control Congress, God has given them incompetent leadership. GWB gives thanks for it and prays for the continued health and well being of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Because if they had leadership that actually understood what was going on, the math in both houses, the resolve of "true believers" like William "the bloody" Kristol, and the relatively weak cards that they have to play-they might actually be able to do something to slow down the Babylon express.

It would actually be funny if the outcome were not so damn important. Because it is so important, its just a tragedy the Democrats are being so poorly led.

One of the interesting things on Mondays is that I get to watch the news shows in the morning as I am getting ready for work and again at lunch. So I got to watch Meet the Press and Face the Nation today. Watching Russ Feingold had me shaking my head again and again. Witness this particular exchange:

MR. RUSSERT: President Bush is determined to continue the war in Iraq, he’s made that very, very clear. Is there anything that Democrats can do to get him to pay attention or to hold him accountable, in their minds?

SEN. FEINGOLD: Well, I’m shocked by the administration, in particular the president’s response to the November election. Usually, when presidents are repudiated in elections, they say, “Well, maybe I ought to reassess.” Instead, he did just the opposite. He did this surge, which went contrary to the will of the American people. I think we need to do something serious in terms of accountability. And that’s why I will be shortly introducing a censure resolution of the president and the administration. One, on their getting us into the war of Iraq—in Iraq and their failure to adequately prepare our military and the misleading statements that have continued throughout the war in Iraq. And the second, on this administration’s outrageous attack on the rule of law, all the way from the illegal terrorist surveillance program to their attitude about torture, which we heard a little bit about today on this show. This administration has assaulted the Constitution. We need to have on the historical record some kind of indication that what has happened here is, in the words of Director McConnell, as you just quoted him, disastrous. Somehow we have to address that. And I think it’s a good time to begin that process.

MR. RUSSERT: A censure resolution against the president?


Haven't we been down this road already? And did it not fail miserably? Why does the good Mr Feingold-a Rhodes Scholar, for whatever that proves-seem to think it will work now?

Actually the later analysts on the program summed it up well when they projected that this will blow in his (and Harry Reid's) face:

MR. RUSSERT: And now a Democratic senator’s going to introduce a resolution to censure him for his conduct in the war.


MR. RUSSERT: I think a big tactical mistake from a Democratic perspective. There are 30 Republican senators who are desperate to get away from President Bush. They’ve been pushed back toward President Bush by, one, Harry Reid making this more partisan, and a censure resolution would make it hyper- partisan. So I think it would be huge for the whole political landscape if those Republicans drifted away from Bush. But it’s not going to happen if there’s censure resolutions, if it’s a partisan debate.

I'm 7000+ miles from Washington, vehemently opposed to this war, and frustrated as hell with "the decider". However I can see that as plain as day. Harry Reid though seems to have trouble using his glasses it seems. Witness his buffoonery on Face the Nation:

HARRY REID: Now, there--I have to say this, Bob. There were a number of valiant Republicans. Olympia Snowe is going to be on your show later. I admire and respect her so much because she broke from the pack and voted with us, as did a number of senators. We need more Olympia Snowes, people who are willing to do the right thing.

SCHIEFFER: Well, but that still goes to the point, senator. I mean, it is the impression of many people that you do not want to vote now on any Republican proposals because you don't feel they go far enough. And we know the get-out-now crowd doesn't want votes on those--on those issues. The stay-the-course crowd doesn't want it either. Why do you not want to let people vote on that?

Then later:

REID: One simple amendment--let me just give you one example. Jim Webb from Virginia, he has all the requirements of somebody that has the ability to offer an amendment about how our troops are doing. And he's said--and by the way, some of your viewers don't know who he is, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, decorated for courage, his valor--he said these troops are spending too much time over there and not enough time at home. Fifteen months in-country, fifteen months out of country, simple amendment like that. They blocked it, wouldn't let us vote on it.

SCHIEFFER: So in--and we're going to leave this because I have to ask you about other questions--your position is it's the Republicans who are still blocking the
vote. They're going to come on and say, `It's your fault.'

Sen. REID: Bob...

SCHIEFFER: So the divide is still there. But...

Sen.REID: Bob, but the facts are what they are.

SCHIEFFER: OK. And that's your version of the facts.

Sharp as a bowling ball-that's our boy Harry. I guess in Nevada they don't learn basic arithmetic-like adding and how to do fractions. Otherwise he would come to an inescapable conclusion.


Now for the record, I supported Webb's idea-I still do. He is absolutely right that our forces are getting worn down by not enough turnaround time at home. The fact that some pro-war supporter is not proposing this shows you how much they "really support the troops"-especially since most of them let Rummy beat the Army down to begin with; instead of banging on desks demanding a bigger Army. Guys like Duncan Hunter, Dr Chu, and Mitch McConnell have been just as much a threat to our Soldiers as any insurgent in Iraq has been. That is a story for another day though.

Point is-that if you are going to ask Republicans to risk the wrath of Rove, you have to show them something for the effort. And Harry has done nothing to show any movement to the center. Instead they actually give voice to all of the impeachment nonsense and all the other fal de rol just to appease their so called-pole smoking, tree hugging, feminist loving- "base", losers each and every one.

So when September rolls around and Gen Petraeus reads the "All is well" script that is currently being written for him in Washington-what will Harry do then?

Not very much, I think.

And so, when Bush gives thanks to God in heaven-he thanks Him heartily for making his opposition stupid.


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