Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Odds and ends..........

I went into Tokyo yesterday. To Ebisu to be specific-but I took a little different way to get there than I normally do. Which gave a me a lot of time to observe and read the latest and greatest news from Nihon.


To the very cute girl in the designer jeans that was in front of me, in the middle of the herd, going up the steps at Keikyu Shinagawa:

Next time please wear a belt with those jeans. Watching them ride up and down your incredibly attractive derriere and small of your back-exposing what appeared to be the top of a black, very lacy, pair of panties (with the laundry tag pointed up, whether by accident or design)- was very distracting and unsettling to say the least. Stuck in the crowd as I was, it was fortunate I did not have to fall forward and use my hands on your jeans to break my fall. For the both of us. There are probably some very good belts you could buy to prevent that.


Speaking of shapely female forms, Japan Probe has published a survey of the 10 most desirable Japanese women to go to the beach with. Assuming it ever stops raining:

She's number 1!

And speaking of riding the train-this weird video wraps up several years of riding Tokyo trains in less than 2 minutes! Wasuremono nai yo ni, go chui kudasai!

I've been to just about every one of these stations!

As for the ongoing scandal about Senator Vitter and the recent public apology he and his wife made, I think it's up to the voters of Louisiana to decide through either a recall or at the next election. Since he has had to admit his infidelity to his wife-he has ceded ownership of the marriage (and his genitals) to her anyway-can't he be left alone to suffer that incredibly uncomfortable existence? And that's all I have to say about that. He who is without sin and all that...............

Meanwhile, the Apple I phone has a challenger. ( H/T to Fucked Gaijin):

It's hard to look at a multimedia phone like the upcoming nani from Japan's Sophia without making comparisons with Apple's just-launched attention seeking iPhone. Due to be unveiled at the Wireless Japan 2007 exhibition tomorrow, the nani's most prominent feature is a large touch-sensitive screen that - at 4.3 inches - beats the iPhone by almost an inch. The resolution is also more impressive, at 800 x 400 pixels, compared to 480 x 320 on the Apple device. The rest of the package, however, seems unlikely
to pass muster, although it may have sounded cutting edge a year ago. The processor runs at 600MHz and there's Wi-Fi, dual cameras and a digital terrestrial tuner. Memory comes in the form of a microSD card with no internal user storage at all...

I probably cannot afford one.

Not a good day to be a policeman in Hiroshima:

I'm blaming it on the dog!

Click on the image to see it better.
If you have ever tried to meet a date at Shibuya station, you know what this is about:

Click on the image!


The yen is weaker than ever, but that is not stopping Iran from demanding more satsu and less greenbacks.

No wonder they are standing in line for gas in Tehran!

Finally, I stumbled across this the other day. The Drinking Man's guide to Star Trek:

Vulcans are the designated drivers of the Universe .

Top Ten Signs Your Starship Captain is a Drunkard.

10.) When Spock mind probes him, Spock gets hammered.

9.) Wakes up next to a Klingon chick at least once a week.

8.) Starts the ship’s self-destruct sequence just to fuck with the yeoman who blew him off in the officer’s lounge.

7.) Each time you discover a new planet he tells Spock to scan the surface for cheap scotch and loose females.

6.) The first thing he says when negotiating with Romulans is, “So, what’s the ale situation?”

5.) McCoy tells him, “I’m a doctor, Jim, not a bartender!”

4.) He keeps slipping down to the engineering room to “discuss ancient Scottish traditions” with Scotty.

3.) Giggles every time Spock says they should launch a “deep space probe.”

2.) Whenever a female yeoman brings him a clipboard he tries to open a tab.

1.) Is willing to make beer runs into the neutral zone.

Ja ne!


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