Sunday, August 05, 2007

Because she asked............

Deborah wanted me to post some photos of the fireworks. Only problem was-I did not take a camera. So here are some U-Tubes of last year's fireworks. I was there, but trust me, the guy doing the smart-ass commentary is not me. I have no idea who did this or where they were standing (Actually it looks like they were over near Mikasa Park...). Enjoy:

The video that follows is from the 2007 Sumida River Hanabikai-Tokyo's biggest, which usually draws over 150,000 people. I missed it the last few years, however I did go when I first came to Japan:

And finally, because it is summer time, something for me. A video of Chinatsu Wakatsuki. She was voted one of the top 5 best tanned celebrities. Nice flowers! (It is safe for work!).


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