Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting out........

Nothing becomes UFL like the leaving of it. The mommy Air Force kept the hordes on the base last night so Songtan was pretty dead on a night that should have been full of hard partying. Of course the military folks just loaded up on beer and drank themselves silly inside the fence line. This makes sense exactly how?

Seoul beckons and morning flight to Tokyo tomorrow. Out the door now and up there so I have to run, However I did find this interesting article over at Mark's place that I strongly recommend to you. (He's also got some funny quotes from the exercise in pain last week).

Soon after Yingling’s article appeared, Maj. Gen. Jeff Hammond, commander of the Fourth Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Tex., reportedly called a meeting of the roughly 200 captains on his base, all of whom had served in Iraq, for the purpose of putting this brazen lieutenant colonel in his place. According to The Wall Street Journal, he told his captains that Army generals are “dedicated, selfless servants.” Yingling had no business judging generals because he has “never worn the shoes of a general.” By implication, Hammond was warning his captains that they had no business judging generals, either. Yingling was stationed at Fort Hood at the time, preparing to take command of an artillery battalion. From the steps of his building, he could see the steps of General Hammond’s building. He said he sent the general a copy of his article before publication as a courtesy, and he never heard back; nor was he notified of the general’s meeting with his captains.

Does the Army have a JOPA?...........

Se you on the other side!


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