Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's official.

It's August, I have to go to Korea for Ultimate FutiLity, and I am really depressed.

The Korea Folks know what I'm talking about. Because it is that wonderful time of year, when thousands of people converge upon the Korean Peninsula to see for themselves the world of micromanagement-as only USFK can perfect it.

They will go through the five stages of any exercise:

Initial Excitement-

Just don't be late to work!

Learning how to do things the Air Force and USFK way:

It's only tomorrow's ITO!

The stress that comes from dealing with our ROK Allies and the other services:

Another happy VTC with CFC!

While learning to recognize all the things the Air Force holds near and dear:

Sir, the MAAP brief is hereby submitted for your approval......

Finally, that feeling that comes your way about the second week of the exercise:

Wait till they tell you the curfew has not been lifted!

Its also about that time that you realize that the only person really enjoying himself on the Korean Peninsula is this guy:

(The caption says in Japanese: "Fun with North Korea!")

After that, its smooth sailing home.................


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