Thursday, August 02, 2007


SJS thought he was going to give me a pass on this meme, but little did he know I had already been tagged by Mili with essentially the same meme. I was just ignoring her till now.

List eight habits or facts about yourself, then tag eight more people

Now since I am a pretty open book here and it's no big secret that I have a voracious appetite for beer and wine, Asian women and the "prurient" interests, SJS feared he was going to have to have one of those TV commercial moments with me:

" You know, I have followed your character since the start and your life makes for some really compelling drama...............but your love of Wanchai girls is really too adult for the kids. So, I'm going to have to block you!"

Oh really...what do you guys think this place is, Seelai?

Anyway. Here goes:

1. I love to play golf. I still suck at it having maintained a 26 handicap for the past 3 years with no improvement. You knew that already. What you probably did not know is that I am a good bowler with a 190-200 average. Besides snow skiing, those are the only sports I can do half way decently. Racquetball, tennis, basketball,scrabble? I suck.

2. I love the romantic drawings of Seizo Watase. I forced the S.O. to hang one of his prints in our place-similar to this one- showing a man and a woman heading for an airplane. His work is my imaginary view of how romance should be:

The S.O. looks great, doesn't she?

3. I'm a big Star Trek fan. I like all the series except for Voyager. As I have pointed out before, yes it has a lot to do with the whole Janeway female captain thing. Deep Space Nine was my favorite in the series.

4. I'm fascinated by Time Travel stories-and counter factual history. I bought the DVD set of the original Time Tunnel series and I watched it on TV back in 1968.

5. I would love to be a print journalist. I watch any and all movies about newspaper reporters and have 7 books about Edward R. Murrow ( who I know was a radio journalist-but he started with UPI). In the only nice thing I can find to say about my ex-wife, I am glad she introduced me to the New York Times. (Despite what so many people say-its a great paper!).

6. I was an Eagle Scout. I have canoed down the Allegheny River twice and the Monongahela River once. I've also been to Philmont twice. (Yes I climbed Mt Baldy both times!)

7. I love to cook. However I don't have a natural sense for it-thus I own 27 cookbooks. In the exchange, I am a sucker for buying the little Betty Crocker books at the checkout counter.

8. I desperately want to work and live in either Hong Kong or Singapore. ( You probably already figured that one out already...I'll be happy to send any there my resume!).

Nothing new to see here folks, I'm afraid.

I'm a simple man with simple pleasures.

Feed me, burp me, and put me to bed.

I'm supposed to tag 8 people now, but this meme has been the rounds so I'll leave it at this-if you are on my blogroll to the right, consider yourself tagged!


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