Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another month gone-tidbits of interest

Wow, this month has really flown by. Just got done getting my trip to Hong Kong set up for next month. Amazingly I could get cheap airfare, but what the F*&^ is going on with hotel prices in Hong Kong the last week of April? Obscene is an understatement. Something going on or just a Hong Konger's way of gouging Japanese tourists during Golden week. Hope this does not mean Wanchai "goodies" are going to experience a similar price mark-up.

Read a great article by Spike at Hongkie Town. Its an outside observation of a country coming under the rule of religious fanatics; "fanatics who are are less than 20% of the overall population, yet they are shaping the laws of the nation to fit their ideas and they are controlling public discourse. " You'll be surprised which country this man is talking about, but I'll give you a hint, its not Iran.

Speaking of public discourse, its pretty apparent the American public can smell hypocrisy when it sees it. President Bush's approval ratings are the worst they have ever been, even at the height of the Iraq war. The blatantly political insertion of the Congress and the White House into the Schiavo case, concern about Social Security and the economy were cited as principal factors. The largest drop for Bush came among men, self-described conservatives, and churchgoers. I personally think Iraq also has something to do with it as the war rolls into is third year with still no end in sight.

Under the category of here we go again: US Navy ships are on their way back to Indonesian waters around Aceh. Maybe this time, folks will get it right and let the Navy run the show. They'll do what they always do, get the job done with out all the baggage that the UN freeloaders bring to the problem. One of the unsung heroes of the last effort was the nation of Singapore, many people do not realize that had Singapore not been so organized the relief effort would have suffered even more getting started than it did, however because the Sing's are organized and efficient, they got a lot of stuff moving quickly, both for the US Navy effort and for the other agencies. Good for them ,lah.

Meanwhile here in Japan its time been time again for the Koshien High School baseball tournament. Yesterday, Southpaw Masaki Onishi threw a one-hit shutout with 12 strikeouts, leading Kobe Kokusaidai Fuzoku to a 4-0 victory over tourney favorites Komadai Tomakomai in the second round of the national high school invitational baseball tournament Tuesday. Its on NHK now in the afternoons, but fortunately its not stopping me from lusting after Vanilla Mood at lunchtime.

And of course from the Japan Times, another sign of spring in Japan:

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Tomorrow is April Fools day...should be a good day to post about the latest buffoonry. Got go get my hair cut and do some research..More then.



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