Monday, June 13, 2005


If you have tuned in looking for an update on the War of the Roses, alas there is no news to report. Today was as if "the conversation" had never occurred. S.O. got up, went to work and was just as sweet as could be tonight. She even made me my favorite summer time meal . All this in spite of the fact that she did not feel well this afternoon. She says she had a headache. I made her go lay down on the couch and convinced her that, yes, I could clean the kitchen myself, just the way she wants. Either the woman has no feelings or she is just as confused as I am. So for now, we just go on; kind of like the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Detente, reinforced by the threat of mutual assured destruction. Not sure if I am supposed to play like Jimmy Carter and give away the Panama Canal, or become Ronald Reagan and demand that she "Tear down this wall". She sure looked sweet at dinner though.......


Now that she is sleeping, I'm practicing a time honored male ritual: watching 3 movies at once. Thanks to the miracle of cable TV and a remote control, I am flipping back and forth between Time after Time, Hunt for Red October and Master and Commander. One can only do this with movies one has seen already. You have to know when to cut back and forth between channels. Its male talent, I believe, as a woman would want to look for deeper meaning. I just want something to distract me.

Somehow words coming from these three movies seem appropriate the the current situation though. The brogue of Sean Connery intoning:

"When Cortez reached the new world, he burned his ships. Thus his men were well motivated."
Or the taunt of the crew speaking , as it were to me and my issues:

"You couldn't just slip away could you Captain? No , you had to make a political statement. Or was it something deeper?"
Damned if I know. When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

HG Wells sums me up pretty good too:
"And now we should say our goodbyes. Don't you see, I don't belong here! Besides someone has to write all these books whatever they are. [I'm] not ready for time travel{romance}........"

Lets not forget Russel Crowe's advice:

"To wives and sweethearts....May they never meet!"

Yea, yea whatever....just don't throw a telephone at me!


P.S. If you get a chance check out Sarong Party Girl. Her blog is causing quite a stir in Singapore. Might have something to do with her NAKED PHOTOS! She knows what I'm feeling.


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