Sunday, July 10, 2005

An appalling lack of motivation.

Today is my last day here in Singapore. I had planned to go out and look at the Kranji War Memorial, but a combination of two things ruined that plan: 1) Getting back to my hotel a 3:30 am (alone) and 2) a torrential rain storm as I was heading for the MRT. I'm not just talking about a little rain here, I'm talking about sheets and sheets of the wet stuff. Screw it, might as well drink beer instead. (If you come here do go, its an interesting bit of history, I've been before.)

So, I have stumbled down to this Internet spot, after peeking outside and determining that , yes it was still raining and I really don't feel like doing anything anyway. I hate myself for that sentiment, as I leave for the Middle East tomorrow and I hate it there, so I should be making maximum use of my time here. However I just do not feel like it. Which is downright pathetic when you think about it. So much to do here and I am just like a rabbit on the track moving back and forth between the central part of the city and Orchard Road.

Because of the rain I planned my route to maximize indoors movement. Basically I sprinted from shopping mall to mall. Which, as I made my way up Orchard Road took me inside of the Lucky Plaza. Someday I am going to write down the thoughts this place inspires in me. On Sundays, this shopping center is filled with Filipina's and Indonesians on there only day off of the week. Trying to get away and not spend money so they can send it home. In fact right now, 2 lovely Filipinas are sitting next to me, sending e-mail to home and chatting in Tagalog. I wonder what their life stories are? They probably have a much different tale to tell then mine. Guess I should be thankful for the things I have. More on this subject at a different time. However, Gloria Arroyo you should be impeached for this alone.

This is my 14th trip to the Lion City. Can you tell I like the place? Tonight, I will follow my custom and go down to the Boat Quay, eat an overpriced dinner along the river, drink too much beer, and along about stage 7 or 8, I will walk over and say goodbye to my pal the Merlion:

I usually spend about 20 minutes just looking up at him and asking him questions. Same routine every time, I think hard about me and my life, and he never answers. I keep asking him how I can live here, he never answers. I ask him if this is all there is, he never answers. But it makes me feel better. Then off to a bar or 4. That's my custom and I've done it every time I have been here.

Tomorrow its off to Bahrain, a place I despise for a whole bunch of reasons. Part of what makes being here all the better, since I can get all my partying in now and get to Bahrain and do work. I know I will be counting the days till I leave there, that's for sure.

Probably should have gone to the Hash Run Friday night, would have given me more purpose. However, even doing nothing is OK with me, so long as I am doing it here. Thank you Lee Kuan Yew , for giving the world this beautiful city.

Gotta go!



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