Thursday, January 12, 2006

And the hits just keep on coming!

Short post because I am tired and pissed off. After I left work yesterday at 8 PM!!!! ( Sorry, overtime is not in my agenda anymore.....), brain fried after looking over transport data and also the backgrounds of the useless idiots I am going out to kill train, I was one pissed off dude. Only one thing to do here. Proceed straight to Stage 5!

Went to my friends apartment, did not even call the S.O. , and proceeded to lower his beer stock from 100 to 50% ( and that's a lot of beer!). Co-worker came over and we discussed what Eddie calls "Fifth Fleet -esque stupidity". ( They have a lot of it, trust me.) S.O. called up pissed off, finally went home and passed out fell asleep. Got up this moring to see what more bad news the day could bring.

Plane tickets came back all fucked up. Seems its impossible for the ticket office to get a seat out of Hong Kong on Saturday. I'll have to try at the airport. The only bennie of this trip was a night in Lan Kwai Fong. If I get screwed out that, those guys in Bahrain are really dead in trouble. I was so looking forward to walking out of the MTR, up the hill and seeing the parade of Chuppies.............

Gonna be upset if I don't get here!

And as of 3 pm they could not tell me if the hotel was booked. I'm either going to be really happy tomorrow or really pissed off.......stay tuned!


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