Friday, June 23, 2006

Fun's fun, but I'm done!

Today was a quick trip in to close out computer accounts and such, say how much fun it was working here (lying through my teeth...), and get the hell out of dodge. Back at the hotel by 12, thought seriously about plunking down the bucks to play Turtle Bay, decided my game is not up for it. So I decided to at least meet it half way and drive along the North Shore of Oahu.

I was very pleasantly surprised. Warned by a buddy to stay away from the very western part of the island(I'm told Haole's are not welcome there), took H-2 to Schoefield Barracks and then drove NE on the coast road. Drove past Turtle Bay, stopped and looked at the course and decided I need to: take some lessons and come back and play it. It sure looked nice. Drove on farther then decided to turn around and head back to Hilauea (sp?) and have dinner there at a place called Hilauea Joes. Food was good, but I must have looked like a tourist because the waitress I had was not hitting on 8 cylinders. She took almost 15 minutes to get to me for my drink order and another 8 to get my real order. NOT HAPPY. However the food was good and they were crowded. I think they did not appreciate someone in there el solo lobo, and ogling the waitresses and barmaids to boot.

Back to Waikiki and walked around checked out some of the bars and clubs. Went to a store called the Stupid Store (I think) where I saw a classic T-shirt: " GOLDDIGGER, Like a prostitute, just smarter." I know some girls like that. Saw lots of cute Japanese and Korean girls. My observation about pairs still goes however. Folded up early (midnight......) and came home. Have to be up early and the rental car needs gas! The S.O. is getting attacked the moment I come in the door..........

Learned a lot about this new job this trip, not sure I liked all of it, drank not near enough of these:

And did not get my hands on one of these:

Nice coolers!

See you back on the right side of the Pacific.


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